Spring 2016 Guitar Recital!

The Spring 2016 Student Guitar Recital was held May 22nd at Midwest Drum & Percussion!

GRW 2016 Spring Recital 01 wm I have a blast conducting the recitals. Students are doing a great job gaining experience while playing songs by artists that they are interested in studying. It’s great to give students that are motivated to perform a chance to do so in an encouraging setting. It is a fantastic way to hone performance skills, enhance repertoire, prepare for auditions, tackle a challenging work-in-progress and/or meet some fellow students & parents while seeing results from your guitar lessons as each student progresses.

Over the years we’ve had a wide variety of music performed at each recital from beginner melodies, advanced solo guitar pieces, singing/playing the hits, jamming along with backing tracks and various groups/ensembles. Students often pick a pretty wide range of music to perform!

Learn How to Play Guitar This Summer!

Immediate openings are available! After-School, Evening, Saturday and some select morning times are currently available. In Home Lessons are available upon a limited basis and may be best suited for home-schooled students. See the Contact Link here, above or below for more information. Gift Certificates are available. Let’s get started with the jams!


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