“Thanks so much for the wonderful foundation you have given her. She really enjoys music and a great deal of credit goes to you for that.”
Kristen, mother of Blakely, 9 yrs old.

“I have taken lessons from Robert for a short time but in that time he has been only informative and encouraging. If you should decide to take lessons through Robert and (MDP) I do believe that you will find it a worthwhile investment and experience”
Miles, student, 19.

“As a parent of four, I know the importance of finding the right teacher for each of my children so that they will excel. Robert has been that teacher for our oldest son for around seven years. Now a high school freshman, our son’s technique on the guitar surpasses everyone else in his high school. That partly may be a gift of talent, but it too must partly be due to a dedicated teacher who knew when to push, knew when to set expectations, and knew how to generate a working relationship with our son.”                                               Ben and Cindy Boesen, parents of Grant, 15.

 “He’s really knowledgeable about a lot of different music.  Robert’s a great teacher in that he knows how to teach me things in a way that I can understand them.  He’s a talented musician and knows how to get the sounds that I’m wanting to learn.  He covers a wide variey of music so I can always find stuff that interests me.” Matt, 15:

“I like Robert’s teaching style with my son in that he’s always calm and consistent.  Matt looks forward to his lessons and enjoys the diversity that Robert puts into his lessons to keep them exciting  Matt really admires the knowledge and skill that Robert possesses.” Kathy, parent of Matt, 15.

“Nearly 25 years ago, Robert began my life-long obsession with the guitar. To this day, I still remember (and regularly play) songs like ‘Dust in the Wind’, ‘Message in a Bottle’, which Robert taught me as an introduction to picking and finger-picking. The foundation Robert helped lay has lived on in my playing, serving me in everything from cover-bands in South Korea, to the praise-band at the church down the street.” Scott Mueller

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