Accepting Students of All Ages For Any Style!

Professional and comprehensive music lessons for Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Bass. For Adults, Teens and Children, from beginner to advanced, since 1989. An individual approach for each student with lesson plans designed to put the fun in fundamentals and to meet each students unique talents, effort, abilities and musical interests.

Lessons thoughtfully designed with the students commitment level and goals in mind, for those with varying goals of entertaining themselves just for the fun of it, to those that are driven to be a “hot-shot-rock-n-roll-boss-in-beast-mode” and everyone in between.

Flexible Scheduling

Quality Instruction and Affordable Rates

In Home Lessons Available

I believe that guitar/bass lessons involving standard music notation first, along with other guitar-centric notation (tablature or “tabs,” chord charts and diagrams, etc…) and a flexible plan to engage the student’s interest, is still the best way to gain a well rounded understanding of the instrument. Trendy methods touting “no music reading needed” may be useful to a casual beginner just starting out, but for a serious advancing student with goals of playing in the school jazz band or orchestra, a church praise band, or looking to gain techniques to meet and/or exceed expectations in musical performance and artistic challenges, a basic understanding of standard notation enhances musicianship and raises the game. The skills gained when learning standard-notation music reading translates to other instruments and to other musicians -it’s universal. Music reading will go a long way to improve overall musicianship- including the ability to play by ear.

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© 2012 Robert L. White

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