Learn your A B….Ts? Always Be…Tuning!

Playing guitar is an awesome way to make music, entertain yourself and others, and express yourself musically, but your guitar won’t stay in tune by accident. Normal playing will knock your axe out of tune without even thinking about it…especially if you strum a lot or like to bend strings like Joe Walsh, Jimmy Page or Buddy Guy. Or if you like whammy bar sounds inspired by Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Jeff Beck. Your band-mates, vocalists you accompany, and especially, your audience will always appreciate your extra effort to stay in tune when practicing, rehearsing and performing. These days there are a multitude of affordable electronic tuners for guitars and basses that take a lot of the guess work out of staying in tune. The fine folks at Midwest Drum and Percussion keep a nice variety on hand that will work in a variety of ways for any type of guitar or bass. Feel free to ask me for more info about getting, and staying, in tune! Learn your A-B-Ts!

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